Earthworks Inc.


Investment Highlights

Earthworks offers a unique opportunity to invest in a well positioned public waste handling company in the state of California. After a decade of setting regulatory precedent on a Tribal and Federal level, Cortina Integrated Waste Management (CIWM) is at an inflection point of its development in an industry with high barriers to entry. With strong market growth and an experienced management team to execute, the Project could be operational and cash flow positive within 18 – 24 months after complying with all regulatory requirements. Once the site is operational, there are several avenues of revenue growth that the management team will explore to maximize shareholder value.

CIWM Revenue Streams

CIWM will have several revenue streams that will scale as operations grow. The initial revenue will be generated by the landfill, but as the operation expands, CIWM anticipates generating significant additional revenue from its compost, recycling, and energy generation. These initiatives will be implemented in phases utilizing existing cash flows for expansion as opposed to further dilution to shareholders with additional capital raises. By operating a power plant, the operation will receive auxiliary benefits, such as reduced environmental compliance costs as a result of improving the air quality and the potential of selling the generated electricity to nearby communities. The opportunities for growth aren’t limited to the current site. Earthworks also plans on accretive acquisitions that will further expand and increase the CIWM operation.

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