Earthworks Inc.

Calvin Woroniak appointed to Earthworks' board; Lease violation allegations disputed

Earthworks (“the Company”) is pleased to announce the appointment to the Company’s Board, and its Audit Committee, of Calvin Woroniak. He brings with him thirty-three years of entrepreneurship and independent business experience. He has owned, operated and managed large farming operations in western Canada. The latest, Freedom Farm Ltd., an organic farming operation on Vancouver Island, was sold approximately four years ago. Mr. Woroniak continued to manage the operation until May of this year. Along with practical experience he has completed a six year Agricultural Business Management course. The Company looks forward to the wealth of experience that Mr. Woroniak brings to the Board.

In its Release dated November 29, 2018, the Company disclosed that it had received a Notice alleging a violation of its Cortina Lease. After reviewing the allegations and the terms of the Lease, the Company’s U.S. legal counsel has filed a detailed response to the allegations verifying that neither the Company nor its California subsidiary are in violation of the Lease.