Earthworks Inc.

Cortina Update

Earthworks Industries Inc. (“Company”) wishes to report on its ongoing progress with respect to its Cortina integrated waste management project in Colusa county, California.

The Site Specific Flexibility Requests (SSFR’s), which had been updated to include the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) comments, were submitted to the Wintun Environmental Protection Agency (WEPA). Its independent consultants have now completed their review of them. Our project engineers are now working with WEPA to finalize the submission, and have confirmed that, in their opinion, there are no obstacles to completion.

On the business front, and in light of the renewed focus on the waste industry at this time, we are currently looking at doing a new feasibility study for Cortina that more accurately reflects the changing waste disposal market and looks at a more global picture of the California industry in general. This is all due to the ongoing collapse in world recycling markets, and significantly reduced landfill space in California due to the wild fires over the past several years.

Cortina is in a very unique situation as it would be the first permitted landfill in California in over 30 years and with literally no other proposed facilities on the table at this time. It would take anywhere from 10 to 15 years to permit another new one.

Mr. David Atkinson, commented, “We are extremely pleased to finally be in a position to get the SSFR’s forwarded to the EPA. We are even more excited about the very positive and changing landscape of our industry and opportunities it will offer us moving forward”.

The Company also wishes to confirm that all requisite filings with the Interior Board of Indian Appeals were made on August 20, 2019, completing our Appeal requirement and keeping the Lease in good standing.