Earthworks Inc.

Earthworks adopts Tribal Agency's preference

Earthworks Industries Inc. wishes to report that its wholly owned U.S subsidiary, Cortina Integrated Waste Management Inc., (CIWM) has instructed SCS Engineers (SCS), its Cortina project engineers, to expedite an updated submission to the Kletsel Environmental Regulatory Authority (KERA) adopting KERA’s requested preference for the final cover on the landfill component of the development.

CIWM leases 443 acres of land from the Kletsel Dehe Nation for development of an integrated waste handling facility which includes a landfill operation in Colusa County California.

Consistent with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) request for a collaborative approach between lessor and lessee, CIWM has agreed to update the Site Specific Flexibility Request (SSFR) in response to KERA’s confirmation that KERA will fully support approval of the submitted SSFRs by CIWM once KERA’s preference is selected.

Mr. David Atkinson, CEO of Earthworks, commented, “We are extremely pleased at this latest development and see it as a major step in renewed collaboration between CIWM and the KERA. We look forward to continuing to work with KERA in bringing this model environmental development to fruition while providing the substantial long-term benefits it offers to the Kletsel Dehe Nation.