Earthworks Inc.

Earthworks seeks tentative approval from U.S. EPA

Earthworks Industries Inc. (“Earthworks”) is providing an update on its Cortina integrated waste management project (“Project”) in Colusa County, California. The Project is being developed by Earthworks’ wholly-owned U.S. subsidiary, Cortina Integrated Waste Management Inc. (“CIWM”).

CIWM has a federally approved lease of 443 acres of the Kletsel Dehe Nation’s Rancheria for the project, which includes a Class III municipal waste landfill, material recovery facility, composting facility and soil bioremediation.

Following up on an Earthworks’ News Release issued on August 27, 2020, CIWM confirms that SCS Engineers (SCS) has updated the federal Site-Specific Flexibility Requests (SSFR) to reflect United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) comments, as outlined in the EPA’s August 6, 2020 letter to CIWM and the Kletsel Environmental Regulatory Authority (KERA).

The EPA had also requested that CIWM discuss a preference that KERA had proposed with respect to the final cover for the landfill.

SCS has submitted the updates to KERA and the EPA and advised them that it will defer to KERA’s preference on a final cover when closure of the landfill is required. CIWM has requested a decision from the EPA on the technical merits, which meet current tribal and federal regulations, and to consider a proposal to defer making a final decision on the cover.

Earthworks looks forward to moving ahead with a facility that will not only benefit the Kletsel Dehe Nation, but will serve the local community’s long-term waste needs, while also serving as a model facility for future waste handling everywhere.