Earthworks Inc.

U.S. EPA Consultant confirms design requirement at Cortina

Earthworks Industries Inc. advises that SCS Engineers (SCS), has completed a review of the recently released December 12, 2012, report prepared by Brown and Caldwell on behalf of the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) relative to Cortina Integrated Waste Management Inc.’s (“CIWM”) proposed development in California. That Report reviewed SCS’s February 1, 2012, responses to the U.S. EPA’s December 15, 2011, comments on CIWM’s application for a federal Site-Specific Flexibility Request (SSFR) for siting CIWM’s solid waste disposal facility in a seismic zone. As affirmed by SCS’s review, Brown and Caldwell’s report found that CIWM’s SSFR submittal demonstrated that the design for proposed landfill containment features (base liners and final cover) met all applicable stability standards under anticipated static and seismic conditions.

Over the period September 2009 to February 1, 2012, SCS had performed additional analyses and responded to EPA technical comments specific to this SSFR. These additional analyses all confirmed the initial conclusion that facility design met all tribal and federal stability standards. The Brown and Caldwell review was specific to SCS’s February 1, 2012, submittal incorporating all previous agency comments. Brown and Caldwell’s conclusions are that all critical agency requirements have been met and that the design as proposed meets relevant federal landfill stability standards.

Brown and Caldwell’s finding should serve as a basis for approval of the stability elements of the project as designed. Further, they see no further technical obstacles to, or additional requirements for EPA approval of the SSFR for siting of the CIWM Class III Landfill in a seismic zone.

CIWM has previously committed to submittal of a comprehensive design report, including supplemental landfill liner material testing and analyses at the 90 percent complete stage for final construction plans. Brown and Caldwell confirmed that this commitment meets EPA requirements for SSFR approval. SCS recommended that the re-analysis be submitted as part of the 90 percent design submittal. This is consistent with EPA requirements for overall stability demonstration and should not delay SSFR approval.

Mr. David Atkinson had the following comments, “We are of course pleased to hear that this most critical component of the design had been met and with the lease now reinstated at Cortina look forward to continuing our remobilization plan for development.”