Earthworks Inc.


Innovative Technology and
Material Handling Solutions

From material repurposing to energy generation, the Cortina Integrated Waste Management (CIWM) site will use the newest and most effective technology to reduce its carbon footprint and other environmental impacts. By controlling upstream operations, the site will be able to segregate and store materials which will be processed by third party operations. We are committed to scaling the CIWM operations with minimal environmental impact and with the local community’s best interests in mind. The CIWM Project offers investors a unique opportunity to participate in a globally conscious waste handling operation.

Material sorting

CIWM will be looking to expand the material recovery operation, where they will be able to monetize the material sorting process.


CIWM will seize the green waste material opportunity in the form of composting and soil amendments to generate incremental revenue.


CIWM will engage in handling recycling material with the goal of repurposing the material to higher value disposal.

Renewable energy

CIWM will seek to generate energy using the gas collected from the site to reduce their ecological footprint.

Waste energy journey

At Earthworks, we don’t see it as waste, we see it as a stream of opportunities.

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