Earthworks Inc.


Our environtment

As a waste handling company, we realize our responsibility is to ensure that the environmental impact from our operations is minimal and any potential risks are mitigated. Therefore, sustainability is one of the cornerstones of Earthworks. By utilizing sustainable business practices within our site and investing in environmentally safe technologies, we can reduce our impact on the environment and promote sustainability for all stakeholders. Earthworks will also explore the possibility of creating a fund which will support and coordinate with environmental advocacy organizations .


Water is a crucial global resource and is integral to our operations. Being situated in California means that we are subject to strict water efficiency standards enforced to avoid a shortage in the state. Cortina Integrated Waste Management (CIWM) will fully comply with federal, Tribal and state regulations regarding water usage. We strive to sustainably use this crucial resource and to not over-consume it in any of our operations


The use of renewable energy within our operation is a focus for Earthworks and by utilizing alternative forms of power generation in our facilities, we can avoid the harmful emissions from other traditional energy sources and gasses produced. When fully operational, the site will capture the methane gas produced in the landfill and will use it to fuel its power plant. This will reduce our reliance on external sources of energy for the site and will potentially allow us to generate surplus power back to the community.


Maintaining, and improving the quality of air surrounding our facility and Northern California area as a whole is critical for our operation. Earthworks will ensure that CIWM fully complies with all Tribal and U.S.EPA regulatory requirements and be held to the highest standards for air quality.


During planning for the CIWM Project, a great deal of focus went into ensuring that all environmental impacts were addressed and mitigated. We have made it a priority to ensure CIWM protects the Project site and the surrounding environment.