Earthworks Inc.


Our communites

Cortina Integrated Waste Management (CIWM) has a commitment to stewardship within the local community. The economic success of the county and local Tribe is at the forefront of our decision making. It is integral that all stakeholders are treated fairly and equitably by our operations. This commitment is at the core of CIWM and will be a primary focus moving forward as we expand our operations.

Direct Economic Benefits

Through the establishment of the Cortina facility, CIWM will directly stimulate the local economy through job creation and financial stimulus. This financial stimulus will include increased spending within the community, including the use of any relevant local businesses by Earthworks.


A main focus of CIWM is hiring within the community and forging job creation. The local communities will benefit directly alongside the local economy through our operations. Employment growth will help raise the average household income within the area and improve consumer spending power in the local community.

Community Infrastructure

The local governmental infrastructure will be directly impacted by investments in road improvements and maintenance as required to service the Project. It is our hope that as we grow, so will the community in which we operate.

Human Rights

We are committed to being socially responsible in our business practices and are aware of our responsibility to practice inclusion in our operations. CIWM will comply with federal, local, tribal, and state labor laws and holds human and individual rights in high regard.